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High Voltage DC Contactor

The High voltage DC Contactor manufacturers introduce the relationship between arc in the good price and quality 1500V DC contactor and contactor contacts

The temperature of the 1500V DC Contactor arc can burn out the inner wall of the arc extinguishing chamber, and even the static contact of the 1500V DC Contactor. The head or moving contact head is burnt out, etc., which affects the service life of the DC contactor.

How is good price and quality High voltage DC Contactor applied in new energy vehicles

The main circuit of the new energy vehicle power supply it is must to install a safe and reliable safety breaking device with strong arc extinguishing ability that is High voltage DC Contactor.

New Energy Vechicles

New energy vehicleis one of the leading application fields for the DC contactor. At present, the new energy vehicles mainly refer to the HEV, PHEV/PEV, EV, FCVand solar powered automobile. A.Master contactor XGE6V-400、XGE6V-300、XGE6V-200、XGE6V-150、XGE6V-100; B.Pre-charge contactor XGE6V-10、XGE6V-20、XGE6V-40; C.Quick charging contactor XGE6V-100、XGE6V-150、XGE6V-200; D.Normal charging contactor XGE6V-10、XGE6V-20、XGE6V-40; E.Auxiliary contactor for high-voltage system XGE6V-10、XGE6V-20、XGE6V-40;   There are four functional modules that require DC contactor for the new energy vehicles. 1.The contactor for DC voltage control system: It generally refers to the high current specification( 80-500ADC), which are mainly used to discon-nect the battery. 2.The contactor for normal/quick charging system: The general current specification is 32-300ADC. 3.The contactor for insulation protection/safety control and high-voltage auxiliary system: It mainly applies to the typical load, such as air conditioner, heating, DC/DC inversion and so on. 4.The contactor for high-voltage pre-charging system (HV): The general current specification is 10-20ADC.  

Charging Equipment

At present, there are mainly two kinds of charging facilities for electro-mo-bile, which are charging station and charging pile. The role for the DC contactor is to switch to the DC power supply. 1.Centralized charging is adopted by the charging stations, which can charge for multiple new energy vehicles. It is normally applied to charge for the public utility and new energy bus. The battery can be dismantled and sent to the large-scale charging station for recharge. 250-350A products are normally used for charging stations. 2.Charging piles mainly distribute to the community or parking lot of the office building, which are normally applied to charge for the personal new energy vehicles. 40-200A products are normally used for charging piles. F.30A-300A products are generally used. XGE8-30、XGE8-50、XGE8- 100、XGE8-150、XGE8-200、XGE8300 ;XGE6- 40、XGE6- 100、XGE6-150、XGE6- 200、XGE6-300.    

Energy Storage

  Energy storage technology mainly refers to the storage of the electricity. The energy stored can be used as the emergency energy and can also be stored while the load of grid is low. When the load of grid is high, the energy stored can be used for peak-load shifting, alleviating the fluctuation of the grid. In the system of the energy storage, the high-voltage master DC contactor is mainly applied to the DC conversion of DC terminal, storage battery and inverter. The general voltage range is 750-1000VDC and the current range is100-300ADC.

PV and Wind Energy

  PV power generation is to convert the luminous energy to electric energy through the solar panel. The output of solar panel is direct current and the current output will be stored through the storage battery, providing electricity to load. There are two types of power supplying method, one is DC power supply and the other is AC power supply through the inverter. PV power generation system con- sists of solar battery, solar controller, storage battery (unit) and inverter. High-voltage DC contactor is mainly used at DC end in the PV power generation system, and storage battery and inverter are mainly used to switch to DC load. The general voltage range is 400-1000VDC and the current range is 10-120ADC. The fundamental principle for wind power generation is to convert the energy of wind to mechanical energy through wind wheel and then switch to the electricity by generator. There are 3 kinds of generators available for the wind power generation, which are DC generator, synchronous and asynchronous AC generator. The electricity generated by wind power generator is generally not able to be applied to the circuit and shall be stored firstly. In the system of the wind power generator, the high-voltage DC contactor is mainly applied to the output terminal of DC and the input/output terminal of energy-storage battery. The general voltage range is 700-1000- VDC and the range for current is 100-200ADC.    

Power Supply

The power of the cloud server is DC power supply. It adopts the DC power supplying device of UPS and then constitute the DC power supply power control unit with DC contactor according to the grade of the cloud server, ensuring that the power conversion efficiency can be over 97% and the power supply system for the cloud server is secured.  
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