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XGVAC Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was founded in the early 1990s, whose headquarter is now located in No.2106, Nanfeng highway, Fengxian district, Shanghai. The company covers an area of 20,000 square meters, has a registered capital of 50 million yuan and a total investment of more than 200 million yuan.


The company belongs to the China Vacuum Electronic Association and a member of China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association high-voltage switch branch. It is also the main standard-setting unit of "DC Contactor for Electric Vehicles" in the energy industry. With two business divisions as in new electric energy and vacuum electronic device, the company is mainly engaged in research and development, marketing, service of electric vacuum components such as high voltage DC contactor and Vacuum interrupter.These products are widely used in electric power, industry, new energy vehicles, charging equipment, cloud servers, high-speed rail, port machinery, photovoltaic/wind power generation, energy storage and other fields.


The company has developed a series of DC contactors with military quality which comply with relevant regulations like IEC, GB standards and EU ROHS requirements. Rated current of 10ADC-600ADC and rated working voltage of 12VDC-1800VDC, this series of products all adopt the vacuum brazing and ceramic sealing technology and are filled internally with special mixed gas, so that they have high air tightness, small size, long life, high arc extinguishing ability, safe and reliable electrical performance. These products are widely used in new energy vehicles, charging equipment, cloud servers, high-speed rail, port machinery, photovoltaic/wind power generation, energy storage and other fields.


The company has also developed military quality serialized products in line with GB, IEC and other relevant standards. Rated voltage level of 1.14KV, 7.2KV, 12KV, 17.5KV, 24/25.8KV, 36/40.5KV, rated current 630A-5000A, rated short-circuit breaking current of 12.5KA-50KAKA, these products have long life and they are highly reliable and specialized. Personalized product can also be made based on special requirements of customers. Products are widely used in power supply control system in the fields of electric power, industry, mining, railways, communications and high-rise buildings, urban and rural networks.


The company's founding team have devoted themselves in electronic appliances and vacuum electronic device production for more than thirty years. Its core personnel are from the country's former third-tier military enterprises. They possess rich experience in product development and corporate management and have carried out technical cooperation and joint product development with many internationally well-known companies.


The company has sophisticated production capability and testing equipment that form a sound and reliable quality assurance system, and it also has a number of patent of inventions that give the company core competitiveness in independent intellectual property rights. The company advocates the pursuit of excellence in scientific and technological innovation, and proactively invest in new energy fields to develop emerging industries with technology, environmental protection, and green life as the mainstream. With consistently efficient management and exquisite manufacturing process, the company provide its customers in good faith with better products and more satisfactory services.

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